2016 was an eventful, tragic, and stressful year for the world. It was the year where the world lost many beautiful souls, Muhammad Ali, Abdul Sattar Edhi, Alan Rickman (Professor Snape), Prince, Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher), and Debbie Reynolds to name a few. It was a  year of on going war and the increase of refugees finding sanctuary. A time where the world needs to be reconnected with love,compassion,and understanding. The year for the world to wake up from our states. Despite all of the things that are out of a human being’s control, what can we do to make the world a better place?

  It is from the Islamic tradition that in order to bring change, one must bring change with in oneself. This starts from self reflection, awareness, and honesty. In order to speak with yourself and reflect you must be present in  the moment. For one to be present in the moment, you must breathe and listen to your inner and outer surroundings. You must listen to what the world outside and inside is saying. Being present in time is a gift. It is very challenging to do during this day and age. It takes practice to constantly bring oneself back to what is really important. This is a spiritual struggle.  But once you take on this journey you are able to truly live and travel on the path to betterment.As I think about how I can create this change within me, I started with asking myself the following questions.

Who  am I and what do I stand for? (Is there something in your answer that you want to improve or change?)

How do I do this? 

What is preventing me from becoming the person that I want to become? ( Is there a habit or lack of something that is preventing you from becoming a better soul?)

Once you write all of these realities down and absorb them, treat yourself  with self love and care. Do not pity yourself nor put yourself down. Talk to your yourself as you would to another that you hold dear. Be brave and honest. Once you have accepted that there are changes that need to be made,  start and do not stop. Be genuine to yourself and stay on your spiritual path of struggling for betterment. Once you work on changing the world inside yourself, reflecting on how to take control on your materialistic lusts and whims, then you can change the world outside.

When you are  self reflective and start to clean the mirror of your heart, then a lot of things become clear.The human being becomes a better soul. A softer heart. A person that feels another souls pain. A person that wants good for others as much as she or he wants for oneself. A person that helps someone who may never be able to repay him or her back. Humans are like lanterns, but what is a lantern without any light shining through? In order for your light to shine through you must polish your inner mirror.


Have a blessed 2017 that consists of spiritual growth and a world illuminated with lanterns.

Peace , Love, and Light.

Girl in the Headscarf


2 thoughts on “2017.

  1. This is so important to do every so often, and mostly every year, reset yourself. Make clear intentions of your goal. Mostly people make generic goals, something lofty and vague but I think the hardest part for most people is recognizing what their clear intention is to set an achievable goal. To do that, you have to really listen to your surroundings, to your self and to your heart, like you said, to feel again. Great post!


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