To be still,present. Embrace. A free mind. Let the soul speak and the heart sing. It is what it is. What is meant to stay will stay. You are only a character of this story, leave it to the writer to write your destiny.

-Breathe 2018




Girl in the Headscarf


Ramadan Vibes



Yay! It’s Ramadan! The month of infinite blessings, mercy, and light.  May Allah (God) the most High bless each moment for all of us and may you all have a beautiful month of devotion,service, and transformation. I always like to create goals and plan on how I would like to better myself during this month ,in order to prepare for the rest of the year, here are a few tips that help me.




  1. Create a Ramadan/Dua journal/notebook/notes in your phone in which you can write down Ramadan goals and reflections as a way to organize your thoughts and track your progress.


2. Be honest and write down all that you feel. Prioritize on the habits,deeds, or anything else that you want to improve or work on. Take baby steps, do not overwhelm yourself. The goal is to be consistent and continue these (good) deeds/habits for the rest of the year. This is from the example of the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him

Abu Huraira reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Take up good deeds only as much as you are able, for the best deeds are those done regularly even if they are few.”

Source: Sunan Ibn Mājah 4240

Allah knows how sincere we are, if you truly are trying your utmost best to please Allah, that is all that matters.


3. Add one good thing (gaining the pleasure of Allah)to your routine and take one not so good thing out (something that leads to the displeasure of Allah). For example one goal can be is to read one surah a day for the rest of the year and sleeping on time so the Fajr (dawn) prayer is not missed.


4. Track your progress and keep going even after Ramadan. This is the true test, do not let go and keep going! Create incentives for yourself if need be. Whatever motivates you.

5. Make dua (prayer). Keep talking to Allah, this strengthens your connection with Him. Ask and He gives.  Make a list of prayers that you would like to make and read them before breaking your fast (this is a very blessed time to make prayers). Take it with you to the masjid or at Iftar gatherings.




Spend your time in service. There is no deed that transforms your heart greater than service of Allah’s creation. When I am blessed with the opportunity to serve people whether it is through serving dinner at a shelter or interacting with those who have less opportunity than me, I feel, by Allah, that, “This is the answer, this is how one should spend his or her life, there is nothing else. ” What I mean is that happiness and peace comes from the pleasure of God (that is where are souls came from), and this is one of the great ways of doing so, serving His creation. It is beautiful and can only be understood when experienced.  There is so much Barakah (blessing) that comes along with service, such as

Gaining good deeds (who doesn’t want this?)

Purity of the heart. One of the rewards of doing something for the sake of our Creator is the process of purifying one’s heart, cleansing ourselves of whatever is creating toxic effects/affects on you.

This leads to —>Healing of the heart (whatever you are going through, when you spend your time in helping someone else, Allah puts all of your matters into place) and heals you.

Spreading positivity (as a Muslim you are following the example of the Prophet peace be upon him by comforting another soul and helping the world go round)

Continue this through every act of your life, make your intention to do every act for the pleasure of God, being conscious of Him the most high, your deeds will be as an act of worship and your life will be illuminated (for real).



As a muslim, it is crucial to increase our knowledge in order to know what Allah expects of us and gain his pleasure –> His nearness. We have a responsibility and can not leave it to Sheikh Google or Saudia Arabia (they are not the standard) to decide on our matters. Seriously we can’t. We must gain our own knowledge by looking at what the Quran (holy book) and Sunnah (example of the Prophet peace be upon him) teach us. Learn from authentic sources, like scholars who have dedicated their lives to study what the Quran and Sunnah say. If we do not know of what our religion teaches us, how will we become better individuals? How else will we learn how to purify ourselves in order to become closer to God?

Some sources




Lastly, keep good sohbat (company). You are what and whom you spend your time with. If there is something or someone who is creating a toxic lifestyle/atmosphere for you, let go. It makes all the difference.



May Allah forgive us and forgive me. Please remember my family and me in your prayers. May you have a Ramadan that increases your love and devotion to Him the most High and His Beloved Messenger Peace and blessings be upon him. Ameen.

Peace, Love, and Light

Girl in the Headscarf

Why being “filmy” is the life.

You can easily sympathize with every life situation.
There is always a good excuse to run in the fields as your dupatta perfectly sways in the air and you run toward an imaginary Rajesh Khanna/Dharmendra/Raj Kapoor/Aamir Khan/Ranvir Singh/Siddarth Malotra/James Franco/Jospeh Gordin Leavitt/Paul Rudd DDLJ style.
Madhuri,enough said.
Good old dialogue.
Rain,Tea, and Saris.
When your crew backs you up.
Symbolism in everything.
Poetic responses.
When you are asked,”Who do you think you are?”
pad gaye jhoole
You and your bestie just get it.

Why I love…..

The Body Shop.

These are products that I actually care for and use. And I am not much of a “review this product” person but, I HAD to spread the love.


If you have dry lips…

This is a great moisturizing lip exfoliator. One of the ingredients is peppermint oil and it leaves your lips cool and tingly.





If you are looking for a cleanser that is gentle but also is targeted for blemishes/sensitive skin….

This product can dry out your skin, so just be aware, I usually use this once a week but it works great. 





If you are looking for a relaxing”at the moment spa”mask…..

This  instantly reboosts/refreshens/relaxes the soul ❤ You know when you just need to go and put on a face mask? Yes,this is a good choice for those moments. 



Lastly, the BEST, if you want an over-night blemish treatment…..

This does have a strong peppermint-y-herbal smell which can be a good or bad thing,so find what works for you. Warning! This runs out quick! 



The Vitamin C Glow Serum is alright. I didn’t see any results, but then again I tested out a sample and it takes time for your skin to adjust to new products, so not quite fair but I did like the gel like texture. 

Point of this blog post –> Relax,breathe,inhale, exhale,all is good, enjoy ❤


Peace,Love,Light xx

Girl in the Headscarf



September 13,2016

 Hello lovely world! It has been quite some time, and I finally got back to blogging.  Life just gets busier as time goes by. Often times I need to have my own self space to think and just breathe. As your lives get busier, I pray that your lives are filled with enriching moments ,times of growth,inspiration,and self – reflection. Now that it is September (yes finally!), the sweaters and cardigans that were bought during 100 degree weather (yes I buy cardigans in the summer, I know I am not the only one) can finally be worn. Well, at least soon, because on my side of the world it is still a bit warm The pumpkin spice lattes (along with my chai) are more than welcome to flow freely down my throat as I sit in a library for hours doing homework. And bring on the baked goods (sometimes its a bad thing when you love baking). Just kidding. 😉
    This picture here kind of had me thinking about life. The colors of the leaves have begun to change. After some time these colors will fade and become brown to prepare for the arrival of new leaves. Nature is changing. It is adjusting to its own self. These leaves of vulnerability are enamored with beauty,grace,and voice. It is in the nature of the world that when autumn comes, leaves change color, and by the time winter arrives, the leaves have fallen.  When the time comes for them to fall, they will fall quietly, they will fall forcefully from winds of change, they will fall in their own nature, because they are meant to. But just because these leaves fall, does not mean that they are not prepared for something new,great,or beautiful. Leaves are meant to fall so new ones can grow, spring will come again. Falling does not mean anything negative. It in fact means quite the opposite. A time to rise again. A phase of life has ended. Times of growth are coming. Each leaf is unique, as each is new. Bare branched, trees stand firm and rooted, despite all the winds that will pass, and all of the unexpected blizzards that may or may not come, the trees are still tall and strong preparing to grow new leaves.
   Just like these leaves, we go through our own changes. Memories and experiences. Good or bad. Though I personally feel that nothing is really “bad” when it comes to change. Each experience is meant to bring something for us to learn from.  It is the pain,discomfort,and sorrow that we are afraid of. We are our own trees, and as long as we are strong and firm in our roots, we can go through ups and downs and come through. Leaves of hope,joy,love,experiences of life will come and go. As long as your trunk stands strong and you don’t let anything overpower you, rather you have the power and capability to make all the change you want, then life is essentially “all good”. You are defined by how you go through and handle situations, not what happens to you.  So as you go through your own season of change, of life, embrace each experience – happiness,gifts, whatever or whomever comes your way. Know that each leaf sent has a hidden blessing, we just have to look for it. You will be amazed at how much power one’s thinking has over a person. If you are positive, if you pull yourself though, if you truly believe to believe in yourself, eventually you will truly believe in yourself and be your greatest friend. You have the potential to do anything you put your mind to. Never aim or settle for something that your heart is not agreeing upon. Always believe and aim for the highest. You can do it. Nature is a great teacher, and we can learn a lot from just observation. By just being present in the moment, hearing one’s own heartbeat, and listening to what is not only around you,but inside you, one can learn a lot and get many answers by just reflection.
I pray that when your leaves start changing and you continue to experience the moments that life brings your way, that you are a more enriched and firm rooted individual. As this is what gets one through times of ease and through times of joy.  Happy fall and happy life!
Good is that which there is no evil in, it is thankfulness with relief, and patience with problems, how many are those who have a blessing and are not thankful? And how many are those who are faced with problems and are not patient?
 Hasan al-Basri

Reza’s #AdventuresinChicago

May 22,2016


 Food is always worth it. Especially if it is middle eastern food. A little side note by the way, this piece of bread was delicious and we forgot to pack it for home. I guess that means we are going back ;).  Reza’s offers Mediterranean and Persian cuisine, hummus, lentil soup, shish kabobs and dill rice – just to name a few. All of my favorites. There are a few locations in the Chicago area, much to our disappointment, we found out that the childhood place for family dinners (Ontario Street) was in fact closed. It had a lovely interior-dark wood floors, stairs, and long mirrors, a wide open space. We were determined to eat Reza’s so we decided to travel 45 minutes total to the other location. Yes ladies and gentlemen, it was worth it.  This place was very cute. I definitely reached for the hummus first (because that is the best).


HOME Part 1

March 4,2016

  It is almost spring (hopefully) and usually a time where people “declutter” their homes. We get rid of old mail, dust out the house, and throw out a lot of junk. A house is a structure that is built for the purpose of living.What makes a house a home is defined by the values, traditions, and character of who resides in the house. Just like a physical house, there is also a spiritual house. As human beings, we all have some type of circle or attachment:what or who gives us company and how we spend our time. According to your own value and beliefs your spiritual house may differ. But, as human beings we all have similar traits of what we want in our circle. Peace, love, happiness, and meaning. And as hippy-ish as that sounds, we all know the truth behind this. I often question things about who and what is in my spiritual home.Where is my heart? What is it that I want in my home and what can I do to make that happen?
   When we declutter our physical homes, we essentially are organizing, giving away unused or unwanted items, and creating a “fresh start”.  We sort out our uncecessary “junk”  that has piled up in our homes. If we have so much “stuff” in our physical homes imagine the amount of cleansing out our spiritual homes need. Both go hand in hand. If our physical home is filled with more than we need, then it could mean that we are consuming too much, wasting money, or becoming greedy. If our homes are dirty majority of the time, then we have gotten used to living in filth and are not doing anything about it. And the same goes for the environment of our homes. Are we always fighting, arguing, or on our electronic devices? Then – we must not be living with the care, attention, and heart that we need in order to live.
The Prophet Muhammad PBUH* has said that, ” A good friend and a bad friend are like a perfume-seller and a blacksmith: The perfume-seller might give you some perfume as a gift, or you might buy some from him, or at least you might smell its fragrance. As for the blacksmith, he might singe your clothes, and at the very least you will breathe in the fumes of the furnace.”
 [Bukhari, Muslim]
   A “friend” could also be considered a companion, or what or who gives you company. This could be who or how you spend your time with. Your phone would count as one. So would netflix.  Anything that is not healthy towards your being or is not leading you toward good would be like the example of the blacksmith. Don’t worry, I am not saying netflix is poison, but it could be. My spiritual home is everything to me.  I am aiming to make sure that I am very aware of what or who I let in. Which you will read about in part 2. 😉
*PBUH- Muslims say Peace and Blessings be Upon Him after saying the Prophet’s name as a form of respect and love.